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"Thank you Macedonia Call for the generous ministry you have to lend cars to those who serve the Lord overseas. We certainly enjoyed the car you provided  for us while we were in the US. It carried us many miles, providing for our transportation needs."


D & M serving in Northern Africa and the Middle East

"We have been using one of MCG’s vehicles for right at two months.  It’s a 2008 Hyundai – very nice and roomy for our family of 5!  We are most appreciative!  As you know, reliable and accessible transportation, that’s affordable, is a big problem for missionaries returning to the States.  We thank God and you all for making this possible for our family.  We are also grateful to Mike, the volunteer who picked us up from the airport and handed the van off to us."


Many thanks!

The G family

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Dear Mr. Cagle,


We are in the US to get our first child settled at North Greenville University.  We are so grateful to have a vehicle provided by your generosity through MCG.  What a blessing!  Thanks for your commitment to blessing us and many of our colleagues I this way.


The M family

Chip & Holly Woodruff with Jackie Brannen

Macedonian Call,


Thank you so much for the service you do for missionaries.  I have used a car from you guys three times.  What a blessing!  Thanks for your continued support.


In Him,


Max & Judy Graham with Jackie Brannen

Dear Mr. Cagle,


We enjoyed our time in the U.S. especially the blessing of a big car to fit our family.  We were even able to fit grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles visiting us.  Thank you so much for your support and service to Macedonian Call.  We are thankful always to the Lord for you.  Thank you for refreshing us us.  God Bless You

The Kim Family

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