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About Us

Macedonian Call of Georgia is a faith-based organization supported and operated by volunteers who have a concern for others.  Our purpose is to make available to Southern Baptist users on Stateside assignment, vehicles that have been donated for this cause.  Therefore, what we supply have been donated to our organization.  The number and selection of vehicles that are available are limited to what others give to us.

Macedonian Call of Georgia started in 1989 as a dream by Ed Price to furnish furloughed missionaries with automobiles.  He brought a couple of men on board with him, Bill Beshears and Bill Rhodes to help him fulfill this dream.  The Lord began to open doors that gave birth to this ministry. 


The first vehicle was purchased in August 1991.  Finances are always a challenge, but the Lord worked in the hearts of His people to provide $10,000 and a few automobiles to begin this important ministry,  Insurance questions were answered and First Baptist Jonesboro provided a location to house the vehicles.  Roy Hall, Bill Craddock and Earl Worthington, all from FBC Jonesboro, volunteered to serve in various roles to help the ministry.


The ministry has grown over the years and is a testament to Ed Price and the dream that he had. Our organiztion is run strictly by volunteers.  We have no paid staff.  God has always provdied both the finances and the volunteers to help with this very important ministry. 


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